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The Social Media Handbook for Agricultural Development Practitioners is designed to help USAID projects and other implementing organizations use social media to complement their existing and future agricultural communications efforts. In addition, it aims to provide practitioners with a foundational understanding of what is needed to create compelling social media content. It is important to stress that this handbook does not assume that social media will provide the most appropriate solution for disseminating agricultural information, as internet connectivity and accessibility is still limited in many part of the world. Rather, this handbook aims to anticipate increased availability as mobile and other technologies disperse to many developing contexts, especially sub-Saharan Africa. Our intention is that by reading the handbook and making use of its worksheets that you will be able develop a more systematic approach to using social media as one medium through which you share information with farmers, extension agents, and the public.

Although the handbook can be viewed in your browser, it is recommended that you download it to ensure that all of its interactive features function properly.

Social Media Handbook
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The link above is for the high resolution version (12.4 MB) of the handbook. For slower connections, you can view a non-interactive version of the handbook on Scribd or click here to download a compressed ZIP version (8.8 MB).

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact Dustin Andres ( or Josh Woodard ( Also, feel free to share your comments about how you are using social media in agriculture or your thoughts about the handbook in the comment box below.

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