This toolkit was developed by U.S. Agency for International Development's (USAID) Fostering Agriculture Competitiveness Employing Information Communication Technologies (FACET) project being implemented by FHI 360 under award number EPP-A-00-09-00007, which is an associate award under the FIELD-Support LWA (EEM-A-00-06-00001-00).

The original concept for this toolkit was proposed by Judy Payne, e-Business Advisor and ICT Advisor for Agriculture at USAID. It is the result of growing opportunities that now exist for Feed the Future (FTF) and other USAID-funded projects to interactively engage with farmers over the radio by integrating information and communication technologies into their work.

This toolkit was developed around the same structure as the Integrating Low-Cost Video into Agricultural Development Projects: A Toolkit for Practitioners that was written by Josh Woodard in April 2012 under the FACET project. Many of the worksheets in this toolkit were originally produced as part of the low-cost video toolkit. In addition, some language from the low-cost video toolkit has been used in this toolkit in instances where the same text was relevant to interactive radio (particularly in Component 2, but in other components as well).

Dustin Andres, communications specialist at FHI 360, deserves recognition for his substantive contributions to this toolkit, including researching most of the organizations featured in Component 1, drafting significant portions of that component, and for his feedback on other toolkit components.

Particular acknowledgement also goes to Judy Payne at USAID for her support of the development of this toolkit; Jill Shemin, Associate Advisor for ICT at USAID/AFR, for her feedback on the content and structure of the toolkit; Kevin Perkins and Mark Leclair at Farm Radio International for their insight and feedback, particularly in regard to content development and interactivity; and each of the following individuals for their input: Amy O'Donnell of FrontlineSMS, Katharine Tjasink of Farmer Voice Radio, Brenda Burrell of, Pareshbhai Dave of Development Support Centre, Neil Patel of Awaaz.De, Zahir Koradia of Gram Vaani, Revi Sterling and Kevin McElhinney at the University of Colorado, and Nicholas Garnett and Graeme Fawcett at BBC Radio.

Additional acknowledgement goes to Jacob Reid and Stefanie O'Brien in the FHI 360 Design Lab for designing and laying out the toolkit, and Kaaren Christopherson at FHI 360 for editing the final version of the toolkit.


FACET is funded by USAID's Bureau for Africa, Office of Sustainable Development, Economic Growth, Environment and Agriculture Division (AFR/SD/EGEA). The project works closely with USAID's Economic Growth and Trade unit (USAID/EGAT) and USAID missions, as well as implementing partners, governments, and the private sector, to provide technical assistance to better enhance the competitiveness and trade in the agriculture sector across sub-Saharan Africa. Designed to be interactive and collaborative, FACET provides technical assistance to improve competitiveness and productivity across agriculture sub-sectors through the use of ICTs as tools to enhance the functioning and competitiveness of agricultural value chains and facilitate trade in agricultural products across sub-Saharan Africa.

To achieve its objectives, FACET has two components:

  • Knowledge sharing across missions regarding sustainable and scalable approaches to using ICT to increase the success of Feed the Future activities.
  • Short-term technical assistance to projects to help them improve their uses of ICT, especially in ways that may be helpful to other projects as well.

Numerous briefing papers and application profiles produced by FACET, along with other resources related to ICT and agriculture, can be accessed online at: USAID-funded agriculture projects working in sub-Saharan Africa can request short-term technical assistance by contacting Josh Woodard at

About the Author

Josh Woodard is a project manager in FHI 360's Information Technology Applications Department and has managed the FACET project since its inception in 2009. He has been experimenting with using affordable ICT tools to improve communication and enhance impact for more than a decade. Prior to joining FHI 360, he worked for Thailand's Board of Investment, researching and writing articles on industries targeted for investment promotion and value chain enhancement, including agriculture and ICT. As a Peace Corps volunteer in a rural community in Thailand, he also worked closely with farmer groups to help them improve the marketing of their products and to employ computer-based accounting systems.