Guiding Questions

We will take a question-based approach at ICTforAg 2016, and seek to find answers to the real challenges that smallholder farmers and agriculture value chain stakeholders face on a daily basis in five focus areas. The questions below are meant to inspire debate on what are the real needs of smallholder farmers and shape our conference discussion.

Like with last year’s conference, ICTforAg 2016 will be a community-driven event. Please submit your ideas for presentations and session topics, building off these questions or pose your own when suggesting a conference activity.

Presenters and session leads will play a central role in developing the event and have their ticket costs refunded.

Core Themes

Small Business Entrepreneurship

  • What are the (small) business models that work?
  • Where are local tech capacities and gaps?
  • Where has ICT worked to engage youth in agriculture?
  • What are the climate-smart agriculture opportunities?
  • How can we support ICTforAg entrepreneurs?

Smarter Value Chain Improvements

  • Who are the traceability (and transparency) leaders?
  • What market efficiencies does ICT help with, or hinder?
  • Where do mobile solutions work for non-farmers in agricultural value chains?
  • How can ICT used by big agri-business be adapted for smaller players?

Farmer Behavior Change and Innovation Adoption

  • How do we engage with smallholder farmers and drive adoption of ICT tools to improve ag outcomes?
  • When should we go direct to farmers? When through agriculture extension agents?
  • How can we combine ICT mediums for greater awareness and impact?
  • What does a radio/IVR/video multi-modal intervention look like, and how effective is it?
  • How can we improving accountability and transparency for all actors in the value chain, especially those who may benefit from the current status quo?

Data Collection, Analysis, and Evidence-Based Decision Making

  • What’s the role of sensors and the Internet of Things in agriculture?
  • When can remote sensing, big data, and predictive analytics improve farm output?
  • How can we communicate these insights to low-literate farmers?
  • What’s the role of policy makers in using this data?

Comprehensive Digital Financial Services

  • How can digital financial services improve farmer resilience?
  • When do micro-insurance and mobile money solutions reduce risk and speed up payments?
  • What role do cooperatives and aggregators play, or MNOs and government?
  • How can we accelerate digital financial services uptake?

Cross-Cutting Themes

Session ideas that also include voices from the field and these cross-cutting themes will be at an advantage:

  • Gender equity
  • Youth engagement
  • Private sector engagement
  • Climate change resilience
  • Fragile and conflict environments
  • Monitoring, evaluation, research and learning

Please register now to examine these themes with an exciting mix of educational keynotes, lightning talks, and group breakouts, including interactive learning lunch tables and an evening reception to foster needed networking across sectors.