Want to Present Or Lead a Session?

We are seeking dynamic speakers who can give engaging and inspiring “Ignite-style” lightning talks on ICTforAg innovations or lead interesting breakout sessions. We are particularly interested in sessions that seek to answer our guiding questions, incorporate our cross-cutting themes, and include field-based staff and local voices.

Each lighting talk presenter and two session leads from each breakout will have their ticket costs refunded.

Lightning Talks

We will have two rounds of lightning talks focusing on these themes:

  • Current Innovations We Should Know About
    What ICT process or tool have you deployed recently in agriculture interventions that surprised or impressed you, or you think we all should be using now?
  • Future Innovations That Challenge Us
    What emerging technology or innovation do you think will transform agriculture value chains in 3-5 years, and how should we be preparing for that change now?

For this event, “Ignite-style” means five-minute presentations that convey an idea with excitement and humor. Unlike true Ignite events, we will not be auto-advancing slides, and you do not even need to use slides (though they are recommended). However, we will have a big 5-minute timer and cut off talks that go over time.

Note that lightning talks are NOT meant to pitch ICTforAg tools or services, that’s a demo registration.

Breakout Sessions

We’ll have two rounds of breakout sessions in the afternoon that dive deep into issues you think are of importance. Please tell us the topic you’d like to focus on, and why others might be interested in joining you to explore its opportunities and challenges.

Conference participants will self-select which session they want to participate in, and you have the freedom to design the 1-hour breakout sessions in any format you think would be effective, including practical hands-on workshops, open Technology Salon conversations, or tightly facilitated panel discussions.

We will give precedence to breakout session ideas that are interactive, engaging, and push us to move from talk to action in ICTforAg.

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