How to Take Kratom Daily and Safely

With the steadily rising popularity of Kratom, it is not a surprise when users would think of consuming the herbal supplement daily. Its myriad of health benefits also suggests daily use, especially for individuals suffering from chronic pain. Fibromyalgia patients, individuals dealing with cancer-related pain, insomniacs, and those suffering from anxiety or depression may have reasons to use Kratom daily.

Most new users wonder if Kratom is safe to consume daily.

New users though, may still be wary if it is safe to consume Kratom every day, and if so at what dose. Most of those curious about safe daily Kratom use is chronic pain sufferers who daily go through their pain. Kratom enthusiasts meanwhile are quick to emphasize that Kratom is safe to use daily as long as the dosage remains appropriate for the type of use. The purity of the Kratom powder or capsule is likewise essential as the quality determines the safety of regular use.

Daily Dose of Kratom

For a long time Kratom users, everyday Kratom use does not provide a negative health impact. The disadvantage they usually can think of is the early development of tolerance to the strain. Tolerance means needing a more substantial dose after some time because the current Kratom dosage takes longer to ease the pain. It could also be possible that the effect of the current dose can no longer be sustained, or is no longer effective at all.

To achieve relief, the user will then have to add on a bit more in terms of Kratom dosage to achieve the desired effect. Kratom enthusiasts advise that once this happens, the patient should add just the minimum dosage to feel its impact so that tolerance could be delayed.

Side Effects of Daily Kratom Use

There are not many studies that could document the drawbacks of using Kratom every day. In Southeast Asia, though, it was observed that long-time daily users tend to lose appetite, lose weight, and some have reported losing sleep. The side-effects mentioned above are for heavy daily users. As for these side effects, the key to minimizing the negative impact is using the lowest does possible. Kratom experts say as long as the daily dose is below seven grams then the negative impact will almost be negligible.

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