Best Way to Consume Kratom, Powdered Kratom vs. Capsuled Kratom

For beginners, it could be puzzling to decide on the best way to consume Kratom. There are several ways to ingest this alternative supplement. The most popular ways to ingest Kratom is by powdered form or through Capsule.

Kratom capsules are convenient to bring anywhere, and it effectively masks the bitter taste of the herbal supplement.

Powdered Vs. Capsule

Powdered Kratom is essentially a pulverized version of the dried Kratom leaves. It has to be carefully weighed to determine appropriate dosing. Capsule, on the other hand, is like the usual capsulized medicine. Kratom capsules are individually dosed and capsulized powdered Kratom.

So which is better, powdered Kratom or Kratom capsules? Enthusiasts say either way can be beneficial, but every individual may have their preference. Here are some pros and cons. 

Powdered Kratom: Pros and Cons

Powdered Kratom is manufactured by drying the leaves, grinding it and milling it until it reaches a fine texture. The resulting product will then be weighed and dosed and will be sold according to weight. 

The advantages of consuming powdered Kratom is that it can be ingested in several ways. For instance, it can be incorporated unto beverages, dishes and desserts, and pastries. It withstands heat or cold; some people find it a perfect accompaniment for tea or coffee. Some individuals meanwhile find it an excellent addition for shakes and smoothies, which are usually either fruit-flavored or chocolate flavored. Some meanwhile mix in their Kratom with yogurt, ice cream, or even Capsule.   

Some Kratom enthusiasts meanwhile prefer to “toss and wash” the powdered Kratom inside their mouth. The method, as mentioned above, means putting the powdered dose in the mouth and then drinking water or any other beverage to help swallow the powdered Kratom. Some beverages that are used by Kratom enthusiasts in chasing down powdered Kratom is plain or carbonated water, orange juice, or soda. This method of ingesting Kratom is usually preferred by long-time users who have been accustomed to its bitter taste. 

To ensure safe and accurate dosing of powdered Kratom, use a personal gram weighing scale for measurement.

Kratom Capsules: Pros and Cons

Kratom Capsules, on the other hand, is powdered Kratom, dosed and packaged in a capsule. It is a very convenient way of ingesting Kratom, especially when the patient is outside his home. New users also prefer this method because it masks the original taste of Kratom, which is bitter.

Kratom capsules are perfect for bringing anywhere – the workplace, the gym, or anywhere where its pain-relieving or energy boosting-properties will be much needed. Dosage is also assured in capsule form, especially when brought from a trusted vendor. 

The downside of using Kratom Capsules, though is the added cost of the packaging. All the dosing, weighing, capsule-packaging, plus the packing of the capsules will entail additional cost as compared to buying it in pure powdered form. Moreover, Kratom capsules may take some time to effect, as compared to its powdered counterpart that has an almost immediate impact. American Kratom Association

Parting shot

Regardless of the user’s chosen method of ingesting Kratom, it will always be best to try both ways before settling into a preferred one. By trying both, the user can be sure that he has evaluated the benefits and drawbacks of each method. It is also crucial that the user find a trusted Kratom source.  With a trusted vendor, the user is assured that he gets to ingest pure and unadulterated.  Moreover, it will always be essential to start on the smallest effective dose, to avoid overdosing, and new tolerance. 

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